The promise and peril of playing with genes (2004, Aug 26) International Herald Tribune, by Nicolas D. Kristof [link]

I like Kristof's work a lot and, while this is a brief piece, it does ask some of the bigger questions about how we are changing the human condition through technology. Kristof is both sceptical and cautious about the use of genetics, but this is a balanced piece. Eero Mantyranta of Finland - the genetically mutated skiier - makes it into the article, as does the NEJM article by Schuelke and Sweeney's work on IGf-1. Kristof concludes with a question: 'In what ways should we improve our genetic endowment?'. Not a bad question to begin this debate in sport, but we seem to get distracted with just catching cheats. The questions are all back to front, even if the testers believe they are ahead of the game.