Of 'mighty mice' and superathletes(2002, Feb 8) CNN, by M.Walton [link]

With the Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games beginning in a few days, the attention again turns to gene doping. Lee Sweeney's work on IGF-1 is signposted as a technology that could raise muscle mass by as much as 45%. Readers are also asked to place their vote on whether genetic enhancement should be legal in sports, noting a distinction between events that require 'pure fitness', presumably track and field events.

Sweeney, again, identifies that his work is not interested in sports at all, but mentions the possible misuse, as he described it.

This article doesnt really go anywhere, but it is interesting to note the way in which these stories become interesting alongside certain kinds of sports events, particularly the Olympics. This possibly says more about the Olympic Games than it does about the development of genetic science.