Well this is a little experiment. I met Kristi in Stanford during the Human Rights and Human Enhancement conference. She explained a little of her phd to me, which was interested in posthumanism. At the time, I recalled a paper from an author in Aus who I thought might interest her. Now, upon looking through my endnote file, I discover the article again and think of sending it. However, I cannot find her email address online anywhere, so I thought I'd post to wordpress with her name in the expectation that she will, at some point Google herself and find it. What name could we give this kind of activity? It's a form of inverse emailing. Anyway, Kristi, if you see this, here is the article and get in touch!

Bendle, M. F. (2002). "Teleportation, Cyborgs and the Posthuman Ideology." Social Semiotics 12(1): 45-62.