Gene doping (2000, Sep 19) ACF News Source [link]

ACF consider the possibility of oxygen-enhancing gene technology, as a basis for modifying athletic performance. One of the major concerns of this article is that gene doping might not be possible to detect. This remains contentious, though it is certainly not clear that it will be impossible. However, even if detection is possible, it is likely that the costs to implement such methods of doping control and the burden this would place on research funding, might be to high. In the end, the priority of 'cheating' in sport is not particularly high, when research funding is sought for other forms of medical science.This article cites a number of experts in this area, including Larry Bowers (USADA executive) Don Catlin (UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory), Garry Nolan (Stanford University), John Hoberman (historian of doping) and David Joyner (USOC Sports Medicine Committee). Also, the article published in New Scientist by Christie Aschwanden is mentioned along with Lamsam et al. (1997)