Gene cheat' athletes could escape detection(2000, Oct 2) BBCThe hope of scientists to create therapeutic treatments through genetics is juxtaposed against the trivial and immoral application of the same science to sport. Very rarely is this distinction problematised. While it is reasonable to claim that individuals suffering from genetic dysfunction are in a worse position than those who are genetically 'functional' and who want to 'enhance' themselves, this does not necessarily mean that the latter is unacceptable. At most, it might be an argument to distribute resources in favour of the former. Yet, this is not a reason to prohibit people from selecting genetic enhancement, for sport or other pursuits. Indeed, this latter point - the application of genetics to other careers - is not really discussed. Would our evaluation of genetically modified musicians be similarly unfavorable, as it is for the prospect of GM athletes? We often revel in the glory of the drug-induced rock star or poet, so why does the athlete suffer our harsh judgement?