Exercising your genes(2001, Dec 3) Nature Science Update, by John Whitfield [link]

Nature's science update is a useful way into some of the articles found in this journal. This article follows the UCL seminar on 'Genes in Sport' in 2001 referring to Hugh Montgomery's work on the ACE gene. Montgomery admits that it might be possible to use genetic screening to discover prospective athletes, but that the most effective methods will remain observational. Perhaps more could be said about the way in which the language of genes has infiltrated society will have some bearing on their importance given by prospective athletes and related persons. While genetic screening alone would not be much use, it is possible that an inceasing amount of value will be given to this new knowledge.

Another way in which this knowledge might be interpreted is that it can reveal what kinds of activities we are most suited for, genetically. For example, it might be the case that certain individuals are better predisposed for endurance rather than explosive events. Again, this is not a straightforward benefit, since this information does not determine how good we will be at any specific sport.