Doping policies all over the map in sports [GMA mention](2004, May 29) Associated Press, by Steve Wilstein [link]

This AP article features stats from its recent poll on what Americans think about steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in sport. It paints a very grim picture of what people think about sports, but is doubtful of this having any affect on how many people will watch the Olympics.

Article picked up by CNNSi, Columbia Daily Tribune, Fox News, SFGate, among others.

Quote from article: "There is no clear view about the value of genes in sport, by either natural endowment or modification, bioethicist Andy Miah says. Attempts, then, by sporting authorities to apply anti-doping criteria to genetic modification may lead to wrongheaded policies.

Even the term "gene doping," as used by WADA in confronting the specter of trouble on the horizon, is an inaccurate representation of genetic modification, Miah argues in his upcoming book, "Genetically Modified Athletes."