Doping and the Olympics: Citius, Altius, Fortius - Purius?(2004, Aug/Sept) Update: New York Academy of Sciences Magazine, by Diane Kightlinger [link]

This article is more than just about genetically modified athletes. Kightlinger discusses the development of anti-doping in sport, detailing some of the landmarks in its history. Ted Friedmann, Geoffrey Goldspink, and WADA Science Director Olivier Rabin are interviewed and Rabin is optimistic about devising tests for gene doping. Thomas Murray of the Hastings Center is also quoted, stating that drug testing in the past has not been given the necessary political impetus it required. This, he suggests, is beginning to change. Murray is leading a USADA project, which is looking at the ethics of performance enhancement in sport and is now Chair of the Ethics and Education Committee in WADA.