Beyond Palmeiro: Where's the line?(2005, Aug 8) Newsday, by Arthur Caplan [link]

It's great to see this subject reaching such a well known bioethics figureas Arthur Caplan. For one thing, it lends itself to a slightly different take on the gene doping story: "There is nothing about the reaction to Rafael Palmeiro's downfall that indicates we are ready to deal with the fundamental ethical question raised by his use of steroids - how can we draw the line when it comes to enhancement? Is the point of sport to see what human beings can do without aid of any sort in fair competition? If so, we may need to close the training facilities and cut back on what dietitians and trainers are allowed to do....There is no right answer to what the point of sport is. But Rafael Palmeiro has made it a question no one who cares about sports can avoid. "