This is one I missed, looks good! BioSocieties: an interdisciplinary journal for social studies of life sciences

published its second issue in June 2006!   View the home page, contents and abstracts:

Contents of Volume 1, Issue 2 include:

·         Alain Pottage: Too Much Ownership: Bio-prospecting in the Age of Synthetic Biology ·         Nicolas Langlitz: Ceci n’est pas une psychose. Toward a Historical Epistemology of Model Psychoses ·         Anne Harrington: The Many Meanings of the Placebo Effect: Where They Came From, Why They Matter ·         Paul Rabinow and Nikolas Rose:  Biopower Today ·         Stefan Beck and Jörg Niewöhner: Somatographic Investigations Across Levels of Complexity ·         Stephanie Lloyd: The Clinical Clash over Social Phobia: The Americanization of French Experiences? ·         Michael Barr: ‘I’m not Really Read up on Genetics’: Biobanks and the Social Context of Informed Consent ·         Nathan Greenslit: Books Forum - Reviews of Francis Fukuyama’s Our posthuman future by David B. Resnik, Sheila Jasanoff and Jack Price

You can access free full text from Volume I, Issue 1 at this address, including papers by Sydney Brenner, Ian Hacking, Barbara Prainsack and Gil Siegal, Arthur W. Frank, Cathy Gere and Bronwyn Parry, Catherine Waldby, Sarah Franklin, Marli Huijer, Steven Hyman, Danielle C. Turner and Barbara J. Sahakian, and Elizabeth Wilson.

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