This week, I visited The Hastings Center in Garrison New York for a project meeting. This was my fourth trip to Garrison. I was first there in the summer of 2002, when I spent around 2 months working on the manuscript for Genetically Modified Athletes. It has to be one of the most idyllic settings for a philosopher to work.

Their building overlooks the Hudson River (photo above) and looks across to West Point Military Academy on the west side of the river. The Center is in a lovely forest setting, where deer frequently pop their heads out of the bushes (in a suitable philosophical pose). This photograh of the Center's veranda is a lovely place to have lunch in the summer and everybody is just so nice there.

I could hardly believe that three years have passed since I was there last. It was reassuringly similar. It was especially nice to see Erik Parens and Greg Kaebnick again who are the kind of people that can inspire someone to do philosophy.