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Vol.2, No.1

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Editorial Anthony Mark Cutter

Editorial Essay

To Clear or To Convict? The Role of Genomics in Criminal Justice Anthony Mark Cutter


Police collection and access to DNA samples Jane Kaye

First Impressions Count: Serious detections arising from Criminal Justice Samples Michael Townsley, Chloe Smith & Ken Pease

Bar-coded children: an exploration of issues around the inclusion of children on the England and Wales National DNA database Mairi Levitt & Floris Tomasini

Policy Implications of Defining Race and More by Genome Profiling Susanne B. Haga

Behavioural Genetics in Criminal Cases: Past, Present, and Future Nita Farahany & William Bernet

The true ramifications of genetic criminality research for free will in the criminal justice system Ozan Onay

Addiction in public health and criminal justice system governance: neuroscience, enhancement and happiness research Robin Mackenzie

Policing Procreation: Prisoners, Artificial Insemination and the Law Helen Codd

End of Life Decision-making, Policy and the Criminal Justice System: Untrained Carers Assuming Responsibility [UCARes] and Their Uncertain Legal Liabilities Hazel Biggs & Robin Mackenzie

Case Report

Forensic uses and misuses of DNA: a case report from Norway Bjørn Hofmann

Book Review

Review of Wrestling with Behavioral Genetics. Science Ethics and Public Conversation Mairi Levitt