I am half interested to see whether this gets anywhere in the Google rankings, but my main reason for blogging it is that I received a letter from Marquis today indicating that I have been nominated for inclusion into the 2007 edition.

I am reasonably familiar with the publications and so was initially very flattered. My second reaction was - quite properly for a philosopher - one of skepticism, a kind of 'really? me?' reaction.

So, I sent out an email to Mike McNamee (and subsequently Julian Savulecsu, but I havent heard back from him yet - it was only a couple of hours ago) to get his view and it was along the lines of 'Wow, is it THE Who's Who?'. I am certain that it is (this one) and I even smudged the signature on the letter to make sure it was hand written. It was. So this is where things stand. I have submitted my biography and now await a final decision.

It would be nice to believe that a nomination is already meaningful enough to feel pleased about this, which is why I put it to the public.

So, the question is as follows:

Is my candidature for inclusion into the Marquis Who's Who in the World a big deal or not? Discuss.