I remember first using the Voice back in the late 1990s. It was then one of the major portals for humanities (and social science really) resources. I'm now a little lost with academic portals. I don't use SOSIG any more. In fact, I don't use much else other than Google. I wonder how many others are like me. Can we come up with a new academic gateway in the web 2.0 era. I remember when GetCited started up - I still receive the occasional email from them. But, yet again, I don't use them. Is there any research out there that evaluates these academic tools. They are often very expensive to put together, but I doubt they are used very much. This week, a debate on Philos-L concerned the ranking of journals. It seems to me that there might also be an opportunity to develop a ranking system using some form of 2.0 platform, the advantage being the complimentary quantitative and qualitative measures. Anybody want to write a proposal on this? More to the point, where is the Voice? Google hasn't found much or the link needs fixing.

Ah, just before concluding this I had a look at SOSIG, which, coincidentally, has some breaking news.  No mention of RSS though!