I met Jude for the first time in August 2004 at the Athens Olympic Games, where she invited Beatriz and I to a luncheon hosted by the British Olympic Association. Beatriz had already been advising 2012 by then. Jude is Chair of the Ceremonies, Culture and Education committee at London 2012 and was our official link on July 7, 2005, when the decision was announced. Some weeks before this, she spoke at a conference in University of Glasgow just before Singapore set up. This meeting was set up by Beatriz and she and I both spoke about the relationship between culture and the Olympics, which also launched our online magazine for this subject, 'Culture at the Olympics'. Since the successful bid, Jude is also now Directing the South Bank Institute. I last saw Jude in Torino for the Olympic Winter Games.

Beatriz Garcia with Jude Kelly at Torino Jude Kelly with Beatriz Garcia in Torino