Message from Prof Ken Roberts at Liverpool University The first issue of the 2006 volume of the World Leisure Journal will be published during March. The contents of the issue are set out below.

The journal is available online to members of World Leisure .

Vol 48, 1 Editorial Obituary George Torkildsen, 22 December 1934 – 20 October 2005

Special feature Leisure: a framework for policy, Christopher R Edginton Research papers Philosophical leisure as recuperative praxis: texturing human communication, Annette M Holba An exploration of the relationships between free time management and quality of life of wage earners in Taiwan, Wei-Ching Wang and Chin’Ksung Kao The Norwegian home – way of life, way of consuming, Ragnhild Brusdal Service quality measures: recreationists’ perceptions of US Pacific Northwest National Forests, Robert C Burns and Alan R Graefe News and notices World Leisure elects new board members Upcoming events Book review J T Haworth and A J Veal, eds, Work and Leisure, Routledge, London, 238pp, reviewed by Francis Lobo

The World Leisure Journal is the official refereed journal of World Leisure. It has a large, worldwide and otherwise diverse readership composed of researchers, scholars, educators, policy-makers and managers in the commercial, public and voluntary sectors, who work in the arts, the media, sport, tourism, community recreation, therapeutic recreation and other specific fields, and in leisure in general.

The journal’s policy is to publish papers that will be of interest to this readership. Authors are necessarily from particular countries and particular academic disciplines, and often have special interests and expertise in the arts, sport, tourism etc, but can still have important things to say that are relevant to the entire readership. We publish papers arising from narrowly-focused research projects where the findings and conclusions are of much wider interest alongside theoretical contributions where the arguments are relevant to people working in any of the various fields of leisure and whatever the country. The journal also publishes state of the art reviews dealing with specific forms of leisure, the leisure of particular socio-demographic groups, or leisure in particular countries or world regions. The journal also welcomes reviews of the state of leisure research and teaching in particular countries or groups of countries. Contributions are welcome from authors in cognate (to leisure) fields such as health, migration, family and youth studies, and criminology. Offers of sets of papers addressing a common issue or topic, possibly arising from workshops or conferences, are also welcome.

The papers selected for publication are typically 3500-6000 words in length but the journal will also consider shorter research notes, contributions to debates and responses to papers in previous issues, plus occasional longer contributions where the content and relevance to the readership justify the length.

Authors are encouraged to submit by email.

The anonymous review process will be assisted if authors submit initial copies of their manuscripts with all author-identifiable passages and references removed. Please inform the editor-in-chief if such material has been edited-out of the copy submitted.

Upon acceptance of the article for publication, authors should submit by email or on disk the final copy of the work with any revisions, plus short (100 word max) author bios. Contact address: Professor Ken Roberts AcSS, Editor-in-chief, World Leisure Journal, Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work Studies, University of Liverpool, Eleanor Rathbone Building, Bedford Street South, Liverpool L69 7ZA, England. Email: wlj [AT] Phone: 44 (0)151 794 2971 Fax:  44 (0)151 794 3001