Details of a CFPs for the Society for Cinema and Media Studies annual conference in 2006. This relates a little to the previous post. I wonder if 'What the Bleep..' will come up or the whole range of celebs who openly endorse Scientology. Even though I did walk out after 30mins (which was generous), it is certainly an interesting case study for this theme. (I just googled this to see whether it would pick up this posting and came up with a Wikipedia entry on Scientific Celebrity).

Call for Papers: Panel on Science and Celebrity SCMS 2006 (Vancouver)

Abstract submissions are welcome for papers that explore the crossroads between science and celebrity in film and media. In recent years, the field of critical science studies has offered rich new areas of inquiry for visual culture and cinema studies. In particular, there is renewed interest in the early history of scientific cinema, the role of visual technologies in the culture of medicine, and the sublime force of science fiction media. This panel will take these concerns further by examining specifically the way in which the visual cultures of science are themselves creating new star systems. Whether it is the scientists or their discoveries, the visual representation of science creates a distinct celebrity culture that builds upon ideologies of science as the hero or saviour of the future. Topics may include: * representations of scientific discovery * the scientist as hero in film and media * science fiction icons and fan cultures * the place of visual technologies in the culture of science

Please submit a 200-300 word abstract, including your name, affiliation, and contact information to:

Dr. Rebecca Sullivan Associate Professor Faculty of Communication and Culture The University of Calgary

Deadline to submit is August 15th.

--- Dr. Rebecca Sullivan Faculty of Communication and Culture ~ The University of Calgary 2500 University Dr NW ~ Calgary, AB ~ T2N 1N4 Tel. 403.220.3397 ~ Fax. 403.282.6716 ~