I have had a copy of the NPQ sitting in my 'to archive' folder for a while and got around to looking through it today. I then had a closer look at the NPQ website, only to find an entire edition dedicated to posthumanism. The contents are as folllows:

Post-Human History?:

The Beginning of a New History FRANCIS FUKUYAMA, JACQUES ATTALI More Technology, Not Less ALVIN AND HEIDI TOFFLER When Descartes Meets Darwin AMORY LOVINS Act Now to Keep New Technologies Out of Destructive Hands BILL JOY Regenerative Medicine: Where the Genetic and Info Revolutions Converge WILLIAM HASTELINE Anthropo-Technology PETER SLOTERDIJK Looking Back at The Future JACQUES ELLUI, ALDOUS HUXLEY, SIR ROBERT WATSON-WATT, ROBERT M. HUTCHINS