. Contents to the 2005 volume:

CULTURE MACHINE 7 (2005) Biopolitics

Edited by Melinda Cooper, Andrew Goffey and Anna Munster

Editorial Biopolitics, For Now

Eugene Thacker Nomos, Nosos and Bios

Hannah Landecker Living Differently in Time: Plasticity, Temporality and Cellular Biotechnologies

Bifo Biopolitics and Connective Mutation

Kane Race Recreational States: Drugs and the Sovereignty of Consumption

Julian Reid with Keith Farquhar Immanent War, Immaterial Terror...

Luciana Parisi and Steve Goodman The Affect of Nanoterror

Ionat Zurr and Oron Catts Big Pigs, Small Wings: On Genohype and Artistic Autonomy

Anna Munster Why Is Bioart Not Terrorism?: Some Critical Nodes in the Networks of Informatic Life

Andrew Murphie Differential Life, Perception and the Nervous Elements: Whitehead, Bergson and Virno on the Technics of Living

Maria Hynes Rethinking Reductionism