CFPs... Biosemiotics: the new challenge 23 March 2005

Biosemiotics has been responsible for the acceleration of semiotics’ impetus in the last decade.

Biosemiotics promises to transform biology; it poses a challenge to aspects of Darwinian orthodoxy; it re-orientates the study of the sign; and, arguably above all, it precipitates a major re-thinking of the human subject.

‘Biosemiotics: the new challenge’ is a one-day international symposium run by the Communications and Subjectivity Research Group at London Metropolitan University in conjunction with the journal, Subject Matters. It is the first event of its kind in Britain to be devoted exclusively to biosemiotics.

The symposium will feature the molecular biologist, Jesper Hoffmeyer (Denmark), the cybernetician, Søren Brier (Denmark) and, from botany, the semiotician, Kalevi Kull (Estonia). Each will deliver papers aimed at a humanities audience addressing, in particular, biosemiotics’ consequences for the theory of the subject.

Price of entry to the symposium: £18-00.

To book or gain further information, email