This month, I will have been using the photo sharing platform @Flickr for 10 years, posting nearly 1,000 photos per year. For a while, Flickr seemed to lose pace, as other new photo mobile applications like Instagram and even Twitter image came about. However, for a big screen, high-res photo experience, it is still the most beautiful place to visit and I am still 100% behind it. Here is a journey through that decade, with a few highlight images.

2004: At the Athens 2004 Olympic Games with my awesome friend Martin Yelling, athlete, commentator, genius.
2005: The Long March to Freedom, part of the Make Poverty History campaign, Edinburgh
2006: Who's Who in the World? Me, apparently lol
2007: No Nano, Grenoble - while there on a project about nanotechnology :)
2008: Human Futures at FACT, Yann Marrusich, Bleu Remix
2009: De Militarized Zone, Korea
2010: The Reactable, a curious musical instrument, used by Bjork
2011: Christchurch, New Zealand, after the quake
2012: The Scissor Sisters play the Tower of London, around London 2012
2013: West Kirby, home
2014: Sochi 2014 Olympic Games
2015: Rae Morris, Liverpool