A month or so back, I published a couple of new articles, which each deal with the concept of posthumanism. The main article details a typology of human enhancements that aims to clarify the different levels of discussion and expectation of human enhancement technologis. The second is a 'Letter to Utopia', a reply to Nick Bostrom's Letter from Utopia published alongside my paper in SELT. They're available through the SELT website: MIAH, A. (2008) Engineering Greater Resilience or Radical Transhuman Enhancement? Studies in Ethics, Law and Technology, 2, http://www.bepress.com/selt/vol2/iss1/art5.

MIAH, A. (2008) Letter to Utopia. Studies in Ethics, Law and Technology, 2, http://www.bepress.com/selt/vol2/iss1/art7