Foreword by Thomas H. Murray Editors' Preface

Author's Preface

INTRODUCTION: ANTI-DOPING AND PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT Why genetics now?: An Introduction I: Why Not Dope?…It’s Still About the Health II: Forget Drugs & the Ideology of Harmonisation

CONCEPTUALISING GENETICS IN SPORT III: What is Possible? Imminent Applications for the GM athlete IV: Interests, Politics, & Ways of Reasoning

THE ETHICAL STATUS OF GM IN SPORT V: Humanness, Dignity, and Autonomy VI: Personhood, Identity, & the Ethics of Authenticity VII: Virus, Disease, Illness, Health, Well-Being…and Enhancement VIII: Unfair Advantages & Other Harms

GENETICALLY MODIFIED ATHLETES IX: Enhancing, Altering, or Manipulating People? X: Sport Needs Genetic Modification XI: Conclusions & Implications