Over 2016, Manchester will be the European City of Science and my role on the Steering Committee is to work with the Artistic Director Annie Keane and the rest of the team to produce a programme of events that engages the whole of Greater Manchester. It's a fantastic role for me to have, as a relative newcomer in the city, and it's already being a fantastic start. There are such great people and institutions in the region, I think this may be the event that puts this title on the map, making it close to the European Capital of Culture title. 

One big project I have within this programme is called the 'Beacons for Science', which will create a stumble upon science experience for visitors and locals. We want to create an interactive, immersive experience of Manchester as a City of Science, giving people an overview of what it's done, what it's doing, and what it will do, to contribute to world innovation.