#ANDfest 2011 Photo Essay

Another #ANDfest passes, another weekend of great art/film/digital/networking/speaking etc. Here's a glimpse of my weekend. A lot is omitted from what took place, but this is what fell in front of my lens.

Mike Stubbs opening speech

Abandon Normal Devices 2011 #ANDfest

Opening Night performance at Black-E, THE MODES OF AL-IKSEER, Harminder Singh Judge

Abandon Normal Devices 2011 #ANDfest

Bicycle powered popcorn

Abandon Normal Devices 2011 #ANDfest

Small Cinema in China Town

Abandon Normal Devices 2011 #ANDfest

AND Salon with link to #Rewire conference


David Shrigley 'tattoo event'
David Shrigley
Pigs Bladder Football with John O'Shea

Pigs Bladder Football

Zee exhibition at FACT

Zee #ANDfest 2011

#media2012 Hacks & Hackers day with ScraperWiki

Hacks and Hackers #media2012